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Birth After Caesarean

Find the right support for your journey

I have several offerings developed for women planning a birth after caesarean. Generally, this will be for women planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), but I also provide support to those unsure about their options or what decision they want to make, as well as those actively planning for a repeat caesarean


NBAC Mentoring

Be supported through your next birth after caesarean

The next birth after a caesarean can be a really intimidating journey, regardless of what kind of experience you had in your caesarean birth. 

I am here to help you navigate the process from pre-pregnancy right up to the birth, and even beyond.


The mentoring relationship involves one-on-one consultations, a whole lot of resources shared, journalling and other homework, and time together to work through fears and anxieties, set goals and strategies, and provide preparation tips and ideas, so that you can walk your journey with confidence and purpose.

The VBAC Education Class

The VBAC Education Class was created by me for women like me. Women who want to know what they need to know and where to focus their energy in preparing for their VBAC without getting overwhelmed by all the advice out there... 


Just to clear this up straight away: no, you don't have to see a chiro three times a week, never lean backwards, and only drink red raspberry leaf tea for your whole pregnancy to get your VBAC.

To book the next VBAC Education Class, click here to head to the humanitix booking site, or to be added to the mailing list for all things VBAC including being the first to know when a new class is scheduled, add your details below.

You're on the list! Click here to download my VBAC Resources Cheat Sheet for FREE as a thank you


VBAC Education Online
VBAC Support Circles

Coming soon!

To be first to access VBAC Education Online and VBAC Support Circles you can join the "all things VBAC" mailing list below:

You're on the list! Click here to download my VBAC Resources Cheat Sheet for FREE as a thank you

Online & Support Circles
VBAC Education Class
NBAC Mentoring

Private VBAC Education
Birth Debrief
One-Off Consultations

Please get in touch to find out more about these services!

Private Class, Debriefs, One Offs
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