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birth support

walking your journey with you

As a birth doula, my role is to provide you with the comfort and confidence that comes from having continuous support throughout pregnancy and birth.

In pregnancy, we spend time getting to know each other, and developing your Birth Map (or birth plan if that's your preference), including making a plan for your early postpartum period. I build a relationship with you and your family, learn about your values and your dreams for your birth, and assist you to find the information you need to make informed decisions throughout pregnancy.

In labour, I attend to you when you need me, in home, hospital, or both, supporting you in whatever way you need at that time. I bring with me a full kit of supplies to aid your comfort and strength, as I hold you and your partner through this incredible rite of passage.

My wish is for all women to experience birth on their terms and be supported unconditionally in their informed decisions. I'm here to walk with you and provide encouragement, reassurance, physical comfort, and remind you of the powerful birthing goddess that you are.

I have also recently added virtual doula support, which I'm calling my "pocket" doula packages to my offerings for women who feel called to that particular service

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Some examples of what labour birth support may involve:

- calm and soft verbal encouragement

- helping you steady your breathing

- holding space and being a gentle presence

- providing connection when feel it's all too much

- keeping you hydrated & nourished as best as possible

- helping care for your older children

- using acupressure and massage

- a literal hand to hold (or squeeze!)

- setting up my birth sling for active birth positions

- pain management tools like my TENS machine, combs, etc.

- bodywork using rebozos

- aromatherapy and essential oils

- repeating your affirmations to you

- providing confidence to your partner to support you

- keeping you focused on your goals for your birth

- reminding you of your birth map if we travel a different pathway

- being your advocate in the birth space

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