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NBAC mentoring

be supported through your next birth after caesarean

The next birth after a caesarean can be a really intimidating journey, regardless of what kind of experience you had in your caesarean birth. 

I am here to help you navigate the process from pre-pregnancy right up to the birth, and beyond. I can help you even before you are pregnant to develop a plan for your individual circumstances and then assist with overcoming any barriers you may meet along the way.

With an abundance of resources, lots of one-on-one time, and plenty of reflection and journalling homework, as a birth after caesarean mentor, I'm preparing you to walk your path confidently and assuredly, knowing you are ready to rock your birth.


This journey looks different for every woman. Some women know instinctively what they need from their next birth and want help understanding their options, their rights, and how to navigate the birth systems to achieve their goals.


Others might not know which direction to go and need someone to walk them through their options in relation to their circumstances and long term goals and dreams. 


I'm here to support you in your journey to your next birth whatever your goals, instilling you with knowledge and the confidence you need to birth on your terms. 

Let's chat about how I can help you.

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